Workshop 26-27 October 2015

Nordic Centre, Fudan University

Monday 26 October 2015
Chinese-accented English: Suprasegmentals and Beyond

 9:00-9:20 Coffee/Tea

 9:20-9:30 Opening  

 9:30-10:05 Talk 1 Huifang Kong (Anhui Jianzhu University) "A Study on the Evolution of “Yi” and “Ying” Initials across Huizhou Dialects:  From the Perspective of COMP” 

10:05-10:40 Talk 2 Shengyi Wu (Fudan University) “Spontaneous Nasalization in Chinese Min Dialectpdf

10:40-11:15 Talk 3  Lei Wang (Tongji University) “An acoustic analysis of vowels in Kaifeng Mandarin

11:15-11:50 Talk 4  Bijun Ling & Jie Liang (Tongji University) Tonal alignment in Shanghai Chinesepdf


Perceptual Approaches to Sounds Learning and Beyond

13:45-14:20 Talk 5 Xuefeng Zhou & Wen Tian (Southwest University) Discussion on Accent in Phonetics vs. Musicology” pdf

14:20-14:55 Talk 6 Ying Li  (Newcastle University) "English and Thai Speakers’ Perception of Mandarin Tones" pdf

Tea break

15:25-16:00 Talk 7 Minghui Wu (Shanghai International Studies University) The role of native language experience in the perception of L2 speech sounds: The case of the perception of English nasal coda contrasts by Xiang Chinese and Cantonese Chinese learnerspdf

16:00-16:35 Talk 8 Junru Wu, Yiya Chen, Niels Schiller (East China Normal University, Leiden University, Centre for Linguistics, Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition) Aging and Age-Independent Effects of Cognitive and Sociolinguistic Backgrounds: on the Strength of Tonal Systematic Correspondence by Tonal Bilingualspdf


   Tuesday 27 October 2015

Chinese Dialects: Phonetics and Phonology

9:00-9:30 Coffee/Tea

09:30-10:05 Talk 9 Peter Sundkvist & Man Gao (Stockholm University, Dalarna University) Stylistic and phonological conditioning of rhoticity among Chinese (Yunnan) speakers of Englishpdf

10:05 -10:40 Talk 10 Beili Yan (Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic) "Taizhou dialect’s transfer in English acquisition" pdf

10:40-11:15 Talk 11 Wenjun Chen (Ningbo Dahongying University Learning the English fricative/ʒ/pdf

11:15-11:50 Talk 12 Chaoju Tang (School of Linguistics and LiteratureUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China) Phonological Analysis on the Transfer Effect of Nasal-Lateral Confusion on Sichuanese Speaker’s Language Learning” pdf


Chinese-accented English or Accented Chinese: Suprasegmentals

13:45-14:20 Talk 13 Yunyun Ran & Jeroen van de Weijer (Shanghai International Studies University) On L2 English Intonation Patterns by Mandarin and Shanghainese Speakerspdf

14:20-14:55 Talk 14 Yuan Zhang (Shanghai International Studies University) The Influence of Yantai Dialect Tones on the Acquisition of English Intonation pdf

Tea break

15:25-16:00 Talk 15 Ligang Zhu (Tongji University) “The Learnability of the English Phrasal Stress-An investigation of the acquisition of Stress-clash Avoidance among Advanced Mandarin English Learners” pdf

16:00-16:35 Talk 16 Marjoleine Sloos (Aarhus University) “Danish Acquisition of Mandarin Chinese Tones” pdf