Call for papers 

Workshop 13-14 October 2016

Nordic Centre, Fudan University

We invite abstracts about phonetics and phonology in bilingualism, in which Standard Mandarin Chinese or any Chinese dialect is either the first language or the target second/foreign language. The other language/dialect under investigation may be a Chinese dialect or any other language. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • The production and perception of English spoken by Chinese learners
  • The production and perception of Chinese by second language learners
  • The production and perception of Standard (Beijing) Mandarin Chinese by speakers of other Chinese dialects
  • The phonology of second language acquisition of Chinese 
  • Automatic transcription of Chinese as a foreign language
  • Mutual intelligibility of Chinese-accented languages or accented Chinese
  • Second language acquisition of prosody (tone, stress, focus, sentence intonation)
  • Socio-phonetics of Chinese dialects and the accommodation towards Standard Mandarin or other (prestige) varieties

Abstracts of a maximum of 200 words (excluding references) can be sent until September 212016 to Ran Yunyun: